Monday, March 1, 2010


  1. They mean, "The wonderful donations from people like you is proof that you want our church to continue"

    Churches need alot of money to continue.

    Churches do need alot of money to thrive and grow. And it is a deep concern because with out money to pay for the bills of the campus there would be no more church.

    And alot of churches tell you exactly where the money is going, if one is so paranoid that somebodys making all the money. Simply dont attend and give money to a church you dont trust.

  2. This is my church btw. They purchase continuously add on and build things they don't need and keep asking the people to give them their money. They buy elaborate statues of no actually value and such.

    They don't need roughly 1 million dollars more in donations from people no longer living in their state (their was ones to be sent to Texas and such) Especially when our government doesn't require them to participate in most forms of taxes.

    I understand they need money. How much money is what is at question.

    Extra note. Despite priests being godly people they tend to have after thing handed to them.

    Guaranteed health care, car insurance, and at least 1.3 grand a month in retirement including their hopefully saved and invested money. Cheap room and board. I know it doesn't sound like the best life in the world but why would they care they have heaven waiting for them?

    Their starting pay alone is at least 70 grand for the catholic church (in New Jersey specifically).

    Obama's reverend received 1.6 million dollar house after retirement and even larger lump of cash. How can you justify something like that?

    No God fearing christian would take such an amount of money.

  3. Yeah College church in wheaton does that too, they're always buying more buildings. If its not going to missionary's or something, its just a bad use.

    If they actually used the money strictly to pay off the building cause then they'd eventually pay it off. And I doubt they'd start refusing offerings then.

  4. They are paying off a school they built that was unnecessary due to their being a school of all levels within a half a mile from it.
    Their purpose behind it is due to declining participation and attendance.
    It's a big waste of money.
    The Catholic church is fearing the fact that they don't appeal to the youth and have been losing people at rapid rates. I would assume this being due to their strict rules and how they dictate your practice instead of teaching you about God.
    A lot of these new non denomination churches appeal to youth via cool hip youth pastures and christian rock.
    This is all fun in games but people need to realize this is just a Marketing ploy just like the ones businesses use to get you to want their service or product.

  5. Agreed. some churches are horrible money managers. Some manipulate and trick their followers to pay thousands and thousands of dollars all by saying that "the Bible commands it of us"...
    But the Bible does say for it's followers to tithe (give 10%) to the church. It's a big mental thing, that we're giving back what God gave us and that nothing we have is really ours. But we can't be stupid about where our money goes. We can't blindly give thousands out here and there and expect it to all be spend wisely. We have to trust God's money to people we know will spend it on things that will bring Him glory.

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