Sunday, February 28, 2010


I would like to use this first blog post to talk about something that has been on my mind a lot recently.
The belief in a higher power is something that has followed humans forever.
People will argue about if a higher power is real or not, that isn't what they should be arguing. What is more important to look at is, has religion done society more good or has it been bad for our species?

Things Religion has caused directly or indirectly that is bad:
1. The Bible passage Genesis 9: 24-27 was used to justify enslaving black people
In the Genesis passage, Africans were said to be the descendants of Ham, the son of Noah, who was cursed by his father after looking at his naked form. Moreover, in Genesis 10, the 'Table of Nations' describes the origins of the different 'races' and reveals that one of the descendants of Ham is 'Cush' - Cush and the 'Cushites' were people associated with the Nile region of North Africa. (
2. The wars that have been raging between Christians, Jews and Muslims for hundreds of years based on the idea of spreading their religion.
3. War on Terror would not exist if it wasn't for the religious practices the Koran dictates such as spreading its word with sword.
4. Hitler used the Jews as the scapegoat for Germany's problems. He would not have been able to find a big enough group to be targeted if they were not separated based on their religion.
5. Discrimination based on sexuality. Homosexuality has been around as long as humans have been. By now something such as that should have found itself excepted by society. Religion has stated it to be wrong thus halting our ability to move past.
6. Discrimination based on branch of Christianity. "Catholics Eat Babies" written on your car window at the grocery. Picked on when all your classmates go to church for bible study and you walk home (Students used to go to church every week. Yes in public schools)

Things that Religion is responsible for that bettered society.
1. Set up common moral bases for countries.
2. The belief in an afterlife. (This is a factor most religions share. It is believed to be a major reason religion exists. This is something to envy Atheists)
3. Got people through tough times. (Dark Ages, Depressions, and smaller things)

(I understand the support for Religion is smaller but they are very important factors to look at.)

Now what you have to do is weight in both sides and figure out which one you think is better for the world.
What you must realize though is that religion will never go away. People will always want something to believe in. We need to feel like there is a purpose.