Monday, March 8, 2010

The Sanctity of Marriage.

For years the Christian religion has been attempting to keep the Sanctity of marriage around.

A few key issues they have with marriage currently are Gay's getting married and the high divorce rate.

Lets look at a few statistics here.

Divorce percents for religious groups.
Jews: 30%
Born-again Christians: 27%
Other Christians: 24%
Atheists, Agnostics: 21%

Christians have higher divorce rate then people who dont believe follow a religion?
I guess religion might not play a big role when it comes to creating a family. If it does perhaps a negative one?

Area % are or have been divorced
South: 27%
Midwest: 27%
West: 26%

People in South get more divorces than anywere else. Simple but understandable


Most people from the south are Baptist. Southerns have highest Divorce rate.
Transitive property says Baptists have highest divorce rates.
Just observations.

The North East and West are mostly Catholics. They have the lowest divorce rates.
This is understandable due to all the training and counseling Catholics have to go through in order to get married. Perhaps it people want to save the sanctity of marriage they need to be more like the Catholics?
Oh hey look who else is in the west there! Mormons! You know the Polygamists! You would think they would have terribly high divorce rates. Actually alot of the Mormon faith focuses very specifically on family. I can see this in my newly found grandmother who let my mom be adopted by another family. She was raised christian and later converted to Mormon and then highered people to help find my mother funded by her Mormon Church.



  1. Divorce is something that is very situational and touchy. There are certain cases where the Bible says divorce is okay, but beyond that, divorce is no where in the picture. (If a spouse is unfaithful, it is okay to divorce but not necessary) God hates divorce and how it destroys his vision of the perfect marriage he created. Whether or not people obey God's commands or ignore them is a different story.
    It depends on how much you are willing to take the Bible seriously and make it your guide for life.
    It depends on how much you value your relationship with God and with your spouse.
    It depends on the view you have on marriage, based on God's intentions or our own.
    It just depends.

  2. So then would you say a Mormon or an Muslim is better in tune with God?
    Mind you technically you all worship the same God.

  3. I love being a good person without the need of any higher power.
    Feels good, man.